Journal Entry: 2, January 2017: London, England

Out of all the places I have traveled, London is by far one of my favorite places. It is the jewel of people watching cities, as every individual has such a unique story and everything is genuinely super interesting. There’s so many things to do, from visiting Buckingham to riding the London Eye to eating chips (French Fries) in cliche sounding pubs like the Royal Oak.

Here is an excerpt from my journal:

  • 9:00- Woke up and prepared to go to the city again to see some more sights
  • 10:30- Left Highgate to go to Green Park, which is basically the Queen’s front lawn. We went to Buckingham Palace to watch the changing of guards. So many people attended the event. The band was loud and all the guards were in sync. They honestly looked like the one’s from the Wizard of Oz
  • 12:00- Left through St. James Park to go to the tower. There’s tons of birds, many kinds of pigeons, ducks, geese, swans, and who knows what else. From there, we walked to the horse guards, and one nibbled on my bag. At some point we went into the underground and went to Tower Hill. There we saw the London Tower, a castle like thing built a very long time ago, but despite the age, was very well intact. From there we went to the London Bridge itself. It is huge and beautiful, with intricate designs and paintings the entire way across. The glass floors allow visitors to see the water below, including the HMS Belfast.
  • 18:00- Went home on the underground after eating an awful Caesar salad and waiting decades in a Starbucks. Left with the whole crew to Pizza Express where after waiting an hour we ate a mediocre pizza, but a delicious dessert. Honeycomb cheesecake I think. Came home and I fell asleep
  • 22:00- At some point I stumbled awake and walked to bed


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