Journal Entry: 4, August 2016: Great Lakes, Michigan

Ah, dear U.P.. While not the most thrilling of vacations, my trips to the Upper Peninsula will always have a special place in my heart. Between family, great scenery, some incredible pizza, Beef-A-Roo, and good ole Yooperland, this place is hard to beat.

  • 7:00- Woke up with Kiah to drive with Wendy, John, Jacob, and Liz to Munising, Ishpeming, and other Upper Peninsula areas.
  • 8:00- Headed out to start our drive towards the area where my family originates. Kiah and I sit far in the back back, Jacob and Liz in the back, Wendy in passenger and John in front.
  • 9:30- We stopped at a gas station for food. As always, John bought a bunch of extra food we don’t need. Everyone got something weird to eat.
  • 11:30- We drove by my uncle’s snowmobile shop in Ishpeming where he sells lots of Yamaha’s, as well as side by sides and other sports vehicles. However, he was busy so we didn’t get to see him. We also stopped at the Yooperland, which is a tourist trap full of hooper stuff. Outside there is many strange mannequins demonstrating the life of a yooper, and then there is a gift shop and rock museum. Being Yoopers ourselves, we laughed and related to many sights.
  • 12:30- From there we went through Marquette to Munising to see Lake Superior. Having never been there, I didn’t realize exactly how big it was. Large freight ships are turning around and in the words of Brayden, it looks like the Oregon Coast. We found a white sand beach to go to and explored there. From there we decided to explore Munising Falls. It was a short hike, but it was very pretty and well worth the wait.
  • 14:00- We went then to Miner’s Falls, which was much larger and a longer hike to get to it. Lots of people there as well. Wendy was taking pictures the whole time.
  • 15:00- We went to see the Picture Rocks on Lake Superior after that. It was so pretty. There was a family swimming below, we thought they were fake at first.
  • 18:00- We drove to Lake Michigan in Escanaba. By far my favorite beach on this trip; it was so peaceful and tranquil and amazing. We stopped for pizza in a place called Sidetrack and it was really good. We decided to go home after that
  • 20:30- Had to stop to take sunset pictures
  • 22:00- Arrived back home

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