Journal Entry: 8, June 2016: Orbomba, Tanzania


Journal Entries from Tanzania 2016

This trip will forever be the one that completely altered my life. I experienced culture shock, gained lifetime friends, learned a bit about the world, and began my travel itch all in a matter of twelve days. Here is an excerpt from my journal:

  • 6:00- Woke up for walk
  • 6:30- Left camp, prayers were still going
  • 7:40- Returned to camp for breakfast (pancakes, cereal, toast, fruit)
  • 8:00- Ate breakfast, played ninja to earn spot
  • 10:00- Left for water walk. It was inspiring to see what they have to go through just to get water for their family. The water source was muddy and as soon as we got our water, a bunch of cows came and pooped in the only water source. We walked all the way to the village. The man had so many wives and so many children. The flies were everywhere. They crawled in the mouths and eyes of the children. They didn’t even flinch. The inside of the house was very small and smelt awful, I couldn’t breathe. When we came outside, we talked to the mamas and kids. The mom put the Maasai beads on me and called me a Maasai member. The kids took particular interest in my camera and swarmed me, wanting to press the buttons and see themselves. They loved my hair and hat and loved to play with it. Even though they knew no English and we knew no Maasai, we were able to understand each other. They loved touching me and my things. It was amazing. They all called me “Greasie” too because apparently that’s how you pronounce Grace.
  • 13:00- Returned from water walk and visiting the village. Ate lunch. Had to tell a joke. Ate bread and mayo, veggies, and other stuff
  • 14:30- Left camp to worksite. Played with the kids. I was able to communicate with them a bit. This girl called me rafiki immediately because we were the same age. She and I challenged each other with learning numbers. She played soccer with me. We talked about school and the such and although our conversations were fragmented, I understood. She was so nice. I talked with the teachers a lot too. I had to describe a moose to them. One boy said “You are very beautiful” and winked. I just felt so happy and accepted by them. They also liked my hair.
  • 15:14- Began working on school. We had to build the main pillar, which consists of bending squares, cutting wire to tie it, and rebar. This was difficult but we got a solid assembly line.
  • 17:30- Returned to camp, hour of free time, which was made up of card games. Kyle and I have now played 30 rounds of speed.
  • 18:30- Dinner, veggies, rolls, bean soup, passion fruit something
  • 19:00- Discussed highlights in the form of peanut butter jelly. Played more games including a drawing version of telephone*

*this is called telephonictionary

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