6 Beautiful Beaches in Sandpoint, Idaho

Now that it is summertime, everyone has the urge to hop on down to the lake and go for a swim. Especially here, in North Idaho, boating and swimming and wake surfing is getting more and more popular. This is extremely true for little Sandpoint, given that we are on the edge of Lake Pend Oreille. So, if you are in the area, here are my favorite beaches to get some sun at.

6. Green Bay- Way off the beaten path compared to the others, Green Bay offers a stellar view of the mountains and a great swimming area. Nearby are the Mineral Point Trails and campsites if you want to bike or spend the night.

5. City Beach- The main beach in Sandpoint gives a wide view of the lake and is only a bridge away from some of the best places to eat in Sandpoint, including Spud’s, Panhandle Cone and Coffee, and Thai Nigiri. It also has a volleyball and tennis court, and some hoops for basketball. While it can be crowded, there is usually area for everyone, with a shallow end for the little ones and the pier for the older ones.

4. Third Street Pier- This one is very small, and someplace you would only go with a few friends. At the end of Third Street, it has a small platform that is good for jumping off of, and is usually fairly quiet except on really warm days.

3. Trestle Creek- This beach in Hope (it still counts on this list right???) is about ten miles from the main Sandpoint area, but is a very family friendly beach with a roped in area for the kiddos. It also has a place to unload boats for fishing or surfing. Its pretty quiet most of the time which is very nice.

2. Dover- These beaches are usually pretty quiet, with a well put together park play set for younger ones and paths for those who wanna walk their dogs (or put them in strollers, have seen that there before). The water is usually calm and offers some gorgeous views. Definitely an awesome spot to put kayaks in as well.

1. Dog Beach- This beach isn’t as well put together as the others, but there’s definitely some good swimming opportunities and trails for walking (path leads to Long Bridge). And the best part? Take a look at the title. Guess what? ITS DOG FRIENDLY! Plenty of people take their dogs down for a bath down here and if you are lucky, you can pet some of them!

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