Journal Entry: 16 June, 2016: Orbomba, Tanzania

  • 7:30- Wake up
  • 8:00- Activities with leaders and breakfast
  • 9:00- Swahili lessons. A very interesting language, hard to pronounce at first. The conjugation is very interesting (subject rather than verb). Leki and Mollel are very helpful.
  • 11:00- Began creating community goals and played squirt, along with comfort/challenge/panic. It was interesting to see how much stuff I was actually comfortable with. Talked about goat sacrifice slaughter ordeal.
  • 12:30- ate lunch- pizza, rolls, vegetables, and rice. Played game to get first pickings, was a riddle, names were part of it (had to come up with a word starting with the last letter of their first name)
  • 13:30- Played an intense round of spoons. Began a leaderboard in which Shania won. Kyle and I played speed for the fifteenth time. He won once and I won once.
  • 14:30- Went to visit schools. Very different from ours. Very rundown, no technology, and still chalkboards. No stuff on the walls. It was very different from us and our schools.
  • 15:15- Left to go on a walk. The directional skills of Leki and Mollel never cease to amaze me. We saw a bunch of kids, played soccer with them, spoke in Swahili. Saw a puppy named Logo. Saw a lot of cows and saw our first antelope
  • 17:15- Returned to camp
  • 18:00- Dinner- mashed potatoes, steak, fried bananas. Used tree riddles.
  • 18:30- Played Mafia and other card games
  • 19:00: Did activity on five pillars of sustainability
  • 20:30: Continued with our card games. Lost in speed two more times.
  • 22:00: Bed time

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