Why You Should Spend Money on Plane Tickets

I was scrolling through Instagram the other night when a post provoked some thoughts. It was a photo of small things that were expensive, and showed a destination of a potential flight. The costs were equal.

But why would you want to spend your money on something that is only temporary?

Well, to be short, its not temporary.

Traveling is something that will be with you your whole life, no matter where you go. You will have your funny stories, your near accidents, the people you met, the places you went, the places you shouldn’t have went, and much, much more.

Sometimes you buy things and regret wasting your money on them. Traveling is not one of those things. You never regret seeing new places and people. You will keep them in your hearts and minds forever.

I remember even the most boring trips, the long drives to Michigan, and many, many hours of sitting on the floor of an airport waiting for a plane.

I remember the smell of the air in the Kilimanjaro airport and the way my heart pounded as our very skilled driver navigated the very scary highways of London.

I remember the awkward hug I gave Maria’s daughter as they stood in the airport in Venice and when Shad got his electric guitar on New Years.

I remember how cold my knees were in London and how hot and muggy my outdoor room in Arizona felt after monsoons.

I remember the waves ebbing along the shoreline from the Great Lakes and the way the tender bounced as it drove us to shore in Cabo San Lucas.

I remember all of these little details, the things that can not be gained from any other experience. These things are pieces of the world you can’t see in just your home, or on your phone. You have to see them for yourself, have your own experience. As they said in the movie Up:

“Adventure is out there”


Thank you to Brayden for the post idea.

Why do you travel? What things do you remember the most? Leave comments below and remember to follow me on social media!

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