A Moment On Sunset Lake

As the sun deepens into the hills and the sky began to darken to its silky black fabric, we strolled slowly to the bottom of the long green hill. The night was young and the fire brightly lit, illuminating Sunset Lake and its chattering loons. This was our great victory of the summer- getting Great Grandma Lindbeck to the dock. It was the first- and the last- time I would see her there, in awe of the rippling waters and in the vast and beautiful world that settled around us.

While I do not remember the conversations, sources of our laughs, or moments of love and joy, this is a memory that I summarize my time with Grandma Lindbeck with. If I had to assume, we probably discussed how her and Grandpa met and fell in love, jokes about the “Tervetuloa” sign that we all confused with meaning “toilet” (it actually means “welcome,” Blake Shelton’s song “Boys Round Here,” to which the lyrics in Grandma Lindbeck’s mind were “Chew tobacco, chew tobacco, chew tobacco, shit,” my travels and languages I am learning, or her adventures with her brothers and sisters in the good ole UP.

Grandma Lindbeck was a woman made up of humbleness, kind thoughts, curiosity, and an incredible talent for making the world’s best nissua. While I only saw her once a year or less, she was someone I admire greatly, a person of good etiquette and manners, a Scandinavian proud of her heritage and roots, a woman who was completely unstoppable, a grandma and mom that taught the meaning of right and wrong, and above all else an angel I was blessed to spend time with.

What impact she left on me could never be summarized in a few sentences, paragraphs, or even pages. Maybe it can’t be described in words at all, but rather, actions. She is a woman that taught me to be confident and unique in my own way, but stay loyal to my roots and never be anything else but humble. What she has taught me is something I could never achieve in school, or maybe even in the work force, but can be simply put in one phrase: how to be a good person.

I am so appreciative of her being in my life and will miss her dearly.

Fly High Grandma


Author’s Comment:  The photo in the header was from the night we succeeded in taking Grandma Lindbeck to the lake. I added it to share the beauty of the area. Below is a photo of my two angels, Mom and Grandma and a little version of me

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