6 Underrated Activities to Add to Your Bucketlist

Out of all the trips and travels I have had, some of my best times have actually been doing random things you wouldn’t necessarily think to add to your list of stuff you want to do. Even in my small hometown, there are plenty of things that I have done that I wouldn’t have thought of if one of my friends hadn’t suggested it. So I guess now its my turn to pass that on to others, in the hopes you get the opportunities to try some of these as well.

1. Cliff or Bridge Jumping

Although its fairly common in my area, I never thought to try this until my summer between sophomore and junior year. At Green Bay, mentioned in my article 6 Beautiful Beaches in Sandpoint, Idaho, my friends and I will go and jump off of cliffs ranging from ten to forty feet high. While this wasn’t exactly my cup of tea, I did it anyways and came to enjoy it the more I tried. I also tried jumping off of bridges this year, which provides the same thrill from jumping from such heights (although, I advise you check the legality of this before attempting, as well as the safety, i.e. depth, lack of rocks, other people, etc.). It provides a simple adrenaline thrill during the summer.

2. Berry Picking

Although for some areas of the world, this may be limited, but certainly in North Idaho, if you hike high enough, you will stumble upon huckleberries. Not only do you get to experience their purple deliciousness, but berry picking gives you the opportunity to explore new places and hike to some stellar views. Also, if you are wanting to earn a little cold hard cash, selling them can produce quite the profit. However, check to make sure you are picking non toxic berries. Poisoned customers typically are not pleased.

3. Night Paddle Boarding/ Canoeing/ Kayaking

I honestly don’t think I have felt more relaxed than when I was in the canoe on Sunset Lake with Ki. We just took it out with our mismatched paddles and floated around the glass-like lake. On another occasion, I kayaked aways with some friends to an old cabin with a massive boardwalk. We spent hours trekking up the rotten wood and it was a grand adventure, and one I will not forget.

4. Hammocking

Ok, let’s be fair, hammocks are the best place to take a nap. They are even better when you hike to wherever you strap up, or if you have a hammock stack with some friends. They can be combined with any other adventure, whether it is backpacking or boating or even just taking a break to read. They are small and light, perfect for cramming in a suitcase or backpack last minute.

5. Rock Climbing

If you are looking for a good workout, complete with challenges and blisters, look no further. Whether you are bouldering or top rope climbing, inside or outside, rock climbing is a rewarding workout that can be done pretty much anywhere. It is best accompanied by apple cider, loud music, and of course, friends.

6. Exploring Trails

Wherever you are, make sure to check out local trails because they could lead to anything, such as the mill ruins shown above. You never know what’s around the next corner and it gives an opportunity to relax and appreciate the area you are in. Not to mention that there is usually cute dogs present.


What else should be on this list? Comment your thoughts.