Life Lessons from Three School Dances in One Week

So in addition to prepping for AP tests and finals, soccer games, and student leadership responsibilities I had the opportunity to attend and spring mixer and two proms, which equals complete and utter chaos and a lot of money down the drain. So for your sake, if you ever find yourself in this position, here is a list of lessons learned:

1. Spring Mixers can be awkward. Make sure you are prepared to mingle and have more of other people’s sweat on you than your own. Gross, I know. Also, don’t wear heels and please avoid the cringey couple dirty dancing in the corner.

2. Please don’t spend over $100 on your dress/tux. It’s just not worth it. Check out clearance racks! I got my two dresses for about $110 total.


3. If you can sew, use those skills! I hemmed my own dress, and I’d say it turned out pretty good. I used a straight stitch and then a decorative stitch. It was just the right length.


4. Please save money and do your own hair/makeup. If you are not talented like me, have a friend do it, but it’s not worth the cold hard cash. I did my hair and makeup by myself both times.

5. Make sure to suggest the Walmart Yodeling Kid. You can’t really hear it in the video, but its a hit with high schoolers. Sorry for low quality.

6. Make sure to get a dress/tux that you actually like. Don’t think you have to get something just because it’s pretty by other people’s standards. You do you.

7. Go with people that make you laugh so hard you have to grab the bridge rail for support.


8. Don’t think you have to go expensive for dinner. Cheap is good too. We went to sushi one night and pizza the other and I loved both.


9. Pants are really great for prom. if you haven’t worn pants to a dance, I suggest it.

10. Goofy pictures are important too! Take more than just nice ones.

IMG_304011. If you are going to a different school, make sure to make new friends too. I met a lot of new people and I hope to continue being friends with them.


12. Make sure you like your date! Otherwise its really awkward.

13. Just make sure to get out there and have a good time. It’s only as fun as you make it!


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