A Weekend in the Town of Sandpoint

Ahh, the weekend of Lost in the 50s. Often only rivaled by Fourth of July and the Festival this weekend in Sandpoint, Idaho is one of it’s busiest with the streets filling with twentieth century cars and poodle skirts.

My schedule was almost as packed as this town, but I shared time with my friends adventuring around Sandpoint while procrastinating on German and French homework (I do not advise this).

Throughout the week, we also had dress up days, starting with Monday being 90s and counting down to 50s on Friday. I tried my best.


Starting on Friday, I met up with friends after work before heading to the parade.


We watched the parade of cars for an hour or so. As far as I know, there was only one breakdown, but the man played some tunes on the radio to make sure he wasn’t taking away from the event. Here are a few of the cars that came by:


Afterwards, we dined at Beet and Basil, an awesome and affordable restaurant specializing in street food. I ate their Naan with curry and I had to get a refill because it was so amazing. It was also only six dollars so it was a total score.

The street dance began around 8 I believe, but we got there at 9. While I remember this as a mostly middle school event, this year there were old and young alike, and a ton of people in general. It was Bashful Dan’s, the DJ’s last time hosting this dance after 25 years and as always, he did an excellent job.


The next day was spent adventuring with friends through University of Idaho’s Agriculture Center, which is teeming with fun activities. From those trails we walked to the Popsicle bridge and were able to explore other parts of Ponderay. We also went up Schweitzer briefly.

Last but not least, I got to end Saturday with some good friends and a campfire. Unfortunately now its back to homework and responsibilities.


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