The Colors of Peru (1/12)

NOTE: This article is part of a series of 12 articles on Peru and the many beautiful aspects of this country. There is a post for each day I spent there, although some may not be relative to that particular day. I intend to post two articles a week for this series, on Thursdays and Mondays.

Upon arrival to Peru, one of the most outstanding aspects were the colors. From markets to flowers to food, this country excels in adding red or yellow or any brightness and shade to everyday items. I had many photos to choose from to share, so I chose a select few and edited them to black and white for the color to pop out even more!


Growing up in a small town can make it difficult to adjust to big cities, especially ones that are full of 10 million people, which is precisely what Lima is. We spent most of our time in Lima in Miraflores, an upscale district, where the coast meets the big city. This beautiful rainbow wall was on the path to the Pacific Ocean.

2329B90D-B01A-4F0D-82F0-1C77BDDE14D2Also in Lima was the Larco Museum, a placed mainly focused on pre-conquistador history, such as the Inca, the Huari, and the Lima peoples. It was very fascinating to see all the relics and their garden was exceptional. I enjoyed photographing the many plants.


After two days we flew to Cuzco, the capital of the Incas. Here, two flags are often flown: the Peruvian, red and white flag, and the Incan one, which is seen above. The Incan flag is often confused for the LGBTQ flag by many travelers.


Nearly everywhere in Peru has street murals. I adored all of them, especially this long chain of them that we passed on our way to the Sacred Valley of the Incas. It depicted much of the history and culture of the nation.


If you ever travel to Peru, you will find these everywhere. They are called toritos and they are often on top of houses to provide good luck for the family. They come in all sorts of colors; I bought a gold one and a blue one to bring home. In a way, they almost remind me of Swedish horses.


These two birds were lingering outside of the Pablo Seminario pottery workshop we visited to make tiles and understand Peruvian art. The blue one could speak and grumbled a few “hola”s for us as we passed by. I had never seen a talking bird before and I was very excited to find one.

283AB99F-12AF-460B-84A7-D3A8D7DA3D97This view from the Sun Gate on Machu Picchu was absolutely amazing. I have never been in a more beautiful place. The yellow blanket that I carried was bought in a market in Lima. In my Machu Picchu photos, it complements the scenery well.


Markets are everywhere in Peru. This one was very close to our hotel in Ollantaytambo. This place was my favorite out of all the places we stayed in. It was small and welcoming, and the people were absolutely exceptional. I could live here for years and be quite comfortable!


I don’t know how much he will appreciate me posting this, but it is too good not to! This is Tin Tin, our marvelous tour guide in Peruvian women’s clothing on Uros Island. He is a fantastic person and guide and made the trip the best it could possibly be. We could not have gotten a better person to be with on this journey. We already miss him, but hopefully we will reunite soon!


This picture will certainly resurface again on my blog because it is by far one of my favorites. This little bundle of joy was with us on the Mercedes Benz boat (their nicest reed boat, hence the name), and spent the time in the sun, playing with her older brother. I absolutely adored this family; they were so gracious and kind to us. They were completely patient with our gringo Spanish too!


This was one of the beautiful textiles I purchased in Peru! Its made of alpaca and is incredibly soft. The lake behind me is by Sillusitani, an old Incan burial ground. This was also the last site we saw in Peru and I was sad to be leaving such a beautiful place!

I’m sure I will stress this over and over again throughout these posts but honestly, Peru and its colors are just so stunning. If you ever get a chance to go there, take it for sure!

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