Fifteen Years.

Fifteen years is a very long time. To some it may only appear as one glimpse in the grand scheme of things, but in all reality, it has the potential to hold many opportunities.

In fifteen years, a child can make macaroni paintings in kindergarten, pretend to be a horse on the school playground, attend their mother’s funeral, start middle school, find teachers who are role models, struggle with Mother’s Day, find new friends, begin their final years of education, join the cross country team, travel to other continents, learn many languages, embrace herself, start a blog, and realize how cancer played a part in her life.

This brief list of events was what the last fifteen years consisted of for me. But while I was growing and developing into who I am today, another team was at play, intertwining into lives of others to lift them up and improve them. To help alleviate the same sorrows that burdened my family when we experienced the horrific beast named cancer. To take care of the little things so that they could focus on conquering the biggest obstacles. To show them that in this battle, they have love and support as their alliances.

You see, these everyday heroes are the members of Celebrate Life. My aunt and her team who spend all year concocting an event that will help those afflicted by cancer in this area and they have utilized the last fifteen years improving and bettering this benefit. Alas, this will be the last Celebrate Life Fun Run/Walk. As the old adage says, “all good things must come to an end.”

However, that statement is not entirely applicable for Celebrate Life, as it has not reached its final year. Sure, people will not be piling up on Dog Beach, anticipating to walk under all the balloons, and listening to Bashful Dan’s music, but that does not, by any means, mean that Celebrate Life and its legacy has reached an end. My mom’s wish for the community to help those in need will continue, just not in the same way it has before.

I greatly appreciate all this community has done for us and its cancer survivors and I ask you all to join us, for one last walk before we transfer into new and bright beginnings.

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