A Brief Glimpse Into the Greatest Generation

Those born in the Great Depression era have been dubbed the Greatest Generation for appropriate reasons. Living through a complete economic flop, not one but two mass global conflicts, disagreements in our own society, and many more wars abroad can and will define a person, let alone a society.

Over the course of these massive world issues, my great grandma has experienced all of them. She was born in the midst of World War One, a teen in the Great Depression, a wife during World War Two, and a mom, grandma, and great grandma for all the rest.

Throughout the time I have known her, she has always been as sharp as a tack and such an amazing and strong person. She has constantly been an inspiration to me.

She grew up in a small town with a few siblings and lived on a farm. She met her husband at a dance she was attending with her little sister and their father was kind enough to let my grandpa to take my grandma home after the dance. From there, they started an extraordinary life together.

In World War Two, he fought in the European Theater, specifically in Italy as a runner. She stayed home and worked to support herself and those she cared about.  When he returned, they continued to live in the town they met and grew up in.

Unfortunately, he was the only great grandparent I didn’t get to meet. However, I spent time with my grandma growing up, whether it was in her apartment, the house that we eventually lived in, or the nursing home she is at.

Through my numerous visits during my life, I have been able to see what is truly valuable in life based on what she has told me. To me, that has become family and friends, the people I greatly care about.

When asked what she would impose among younger generations if she could,  she had the greatest response. She did not mention the obsession over technology or the lack of respect that is all so common. She merely said:

“Patience. Patience is very important for everyone, no matter the age.”

This thought has lasted with me ever since. Thank you Grandma Great!

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