Staying in Po’ipū and Kōloa, Kaua’i

To kick off my traveling for 2019, my grandma, aunt, cousin, and I departed to Kaua’i, Hawai’i, in late March for a weeklong break of school and work. We were fortunate enough to tons of fun activities outside, including seeing ocean critters and hiking to waterfalls. Afterwards we were quite burnt, but happy and ready to take a big nap. 

This being said, this is the first of six articles on Kaua’i, not including my video summing up the week. Hopefully amongst my end of the school year commitments, I will be able to publish them in a timely manner, but time will tell. 

Flowers near the resort

We were lucky enough to stay in Po’ipū, which is at the south end of the island and near Kōloa, which is the oldest sugarcane plantation town on the island. It is a half hour-ish drive from Līhu’e, which is the biggest city and home the airport you would fly to. The drive is super pretty, especially because you drive through the tunnel of trees you see on Pinterest and Instagram, which is super pretty. You might also see a bunch of clear cut areas. Don’t worry, it isn’t another example of dangerous deforestation; the people are actually harvesting the trees (that actually aren’t indigenous and serve little purpose to the ecosystem) for biofuel, which they will shortly replant for future use. 

End of the tree tunnel towards the resort

The actual resort we stayed at was Kōloa Landing, which was a big set of buildings bordering the ocean. In the suite we stayed in, we were right by one of the many pools and the soccer and volleyball fields. We used the fields more than the pools and started pick up games with kids from all over the United States, which was a great experience. 

The path outside of the resort

The resort also offered many events and classes throughout the week including but not limited to: lei making, a viewing of Moana by Disney, s’mores sessions, painting lessons, and crossfit and yoga classes. Unfortunately we were out and about during the lei making, which I wanted to do, but my cousin utilized the gym and workout classes, which she enjoyed. 

Birds by the poolside

Also offered there were numerous breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. We ate breakfast there once, but weren’t too enamored with it and soon sought food elsewhere. The lunch was better and I got to try poke which is a raw fish salad. It was super filling and I actually enjoyed it, even if it wasn’t something I would eat all the time. 


Kōloa Landing was also within walking distance of several shopping centers. Many of these were posh, upscale stores that we had absolutely no budget for, but it was nevertheless fun to look. I bought a puka shell anklet and a few of us bought clothes, but that was about it. These open air stores were pretty common across the island, which was nice in comparison to the stuffy mall complexes we employ in the mainland United States. Not to mention, we went to Lappert’s Hawaii, which had super good and super rich ice cream and sorbet. There are a few of these stores across the island and I would recommend trying it at least once. Shave ice is also common in the centers and are a huge hit. Also in the Po’ipū center, we also went to Savage Shrimp, which had really fantastic shrimp and shrimp tacos, which I would totally recommend. 

Within a brief driving distance or a longer walk, Kōloa itself is nested against the forest. This little town has some more shops, which we bought lots from, a bunch of food trucks, and even a farmers market on a few days. Many of the souvenirs and goods here are homemade or from cheaper brands, making it the perfect place to bring home gifts for family and friends. There are also great opportunities for pictures, especially with the forest nearby. 

Trees in Kōloa

So would I recommend staying Kōloa Landing? Absolutely! It is a great, family friendly resort with fantastic staff, who welcomed us kindly, and has the proximity to any great activity you could want to do. We felt at home and didn’t have anything we wished we had but didn’t. Even if you don’t specifically stay at Kōloa Landing, I would totally recommend this area since it offers a lot of beauty and activities on the south, west, east, and even north coasts, if you are willing to make a day trip. It was absolutely beautiful and the people were super welcoming. 

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